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Motorcycle-powered MG

So, I've got a friend who has a complete racing motorcycle engine from a wrecked bike that he's promised to drop off at my garage this spring. Inspired by SuperFastMatt, who put one in a Honda S600, I keep thinking it'd look great under the hood of an MG Midget (which has a comparable weight to the S600).

Turns out, I'm not the first person to think MG + Motorcycle Engine = Fun. Check out J & J's Garage for a series of videos about doing that, just with an MGB.

Why a motorcycle engine, you ask? Well -- who doesn't want an MG that will rev to 11,000 RPM? (And, in my case, the engine is free, hence the whole reason behind thinking about this.)

Then again -- why NOT a motorcycle engine? Aside from the difficulty of making the engine and motorcycle transmission work with a car (motor mounts, no reverse, etc.), there's the utter lack of torque that we're used to out of tractor-style MG engines.

Still, could be fun...

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